February 18, 2018

White Hair Removal Sydney

Do you have unwanted grey or white hairs that keep appearing even after applying colour on your hair?

We are the preferred professionals in White Hair Removal Sydney.

Here at Eyebrow Experts we have the right equipment for grey and white hair removal thus restoring your original hair colour and transforming your look with a younger, less stressed head of hair.


Hair removal ritual dates long before the 21st century, even in ancient Egypt, Greece and Middle Eastern countries it has been performed with the idea of achieving beauty as well as hygiene. Even Egypt women removed their hairs on head and face which was the mark of a lower class. Many different methods have been developed throughout the years to help remove unwanted and unsightly hair. Plucking, shaving or waxing are the traditional ways of removing unwanted hairs but doing so cannot prevent it from growing again.

Having white or grey hair typically represents aging and getting old, and for women having white and grey hair is a big NO. But, removing white and grey hair on your own can be a tedious work and will probably grow back after a week. Hiding it by coloring your hair will help in the meantime but as the color fades the white hair is being revealed. Hair is originally white. It gets pigment, melanin, through specialized cells called melanocytes. These cells pump this pigment into the hair follicles that gives hair a characteristic color. These combine in various proportions and produce a huge range of hair textures. The amount and combination of various melanin types are determined mainly by our genes.

Melanocytes start their secretion even before our birth and their function regresses with our age. Generally, melanocyte function decreases 10-20% every 10 years after age 30. How melanocyte function lessens with age is a mystery.

We at Eyebrow Experts offers White Hair Removal Sydney and Grey Hair Removal Sydney that permanently removes unwanted hair using IPL machines that are painless and fast that saves women from the excruciating pain waxing can give. IPL machines or intense pulsed light system have been used to remove unwanted hair for many years with a high degree of success. IPL uses a form of energy that helps destroy hair follicle. The treatments are comfortable and definitely the safest method of removing unwanted white or grey hair. IPL has the unique ability to infinitely configure a series of micro pulses that will not only effectively treat fine, medium and coarse hair, but will do it safely without damaging your skin whether it is white, brown, grey or something in between.

Eyebrow experts have well trained professionals that operates IPL machines to safely remove white hair, grey hair and even red hair. White hair removal Sydney and grey hair removal Sydney are getting more and more popular as women are getting more and more conscious of how they look.

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