February 18, 2018

Tattoo Removal

Save your tears, dear! This non-laser approach to tattoo removal, makes removing permanent makeup and body tattoos easy. Colour Lift offers a safer alternative to laser removal- which can be unpredictable when working with the iron-oxide based pigments that are often used in permanent makeup, and a more consistent removal process than laser on traditional body tattoos.
Colour Lift is a great remover solution for correction and camouflage. It can lift out the unwanted pigment from the skin immediately, or even years after procedure.


To protect yourself against tattoo mishaps, please always be sure to view your technician’s portfolio & always review their certified training credentials.

From $250 per session

(Please Note: Laser Removal should be used with caution for this type of removal as there are often faulty reactions that occur when a laser hits pigments that contain the color white on the skin. All pigments that contain white will turn black, causing permanent damage.)