February 18, 2018

Recommendations by Svetlana

People and Places to go recommended by Svetlana..


  • Naturopath/ Nutritionist my dear friend Tabitha Mcintosh


Why would I recommend her ?

She is a mother herself. She speaks, talks and walks clean eating.  She is an amazing human being and helped me with my two pregnancies. I love her approach and my kids love her. She is very very experienced!! I’m in  good hands..

Contact her at:



Mobile #: +61 2 8007 4275

  • Hair by Yolanda

Why would I recommend her?

She is great and knowledgeable about hair make-overs.  Hair by Yolanda focuses on providing their clients with the best, Original Mineral colours ;Australian owned completely ammonia free and containing an abundance of Australian sourced natural ingredients that will protect your hair.

 Contact her at:



+61 2 9327 7653

  • Rhonda Hemmingway Couture

Why would I recommend her?

Rhonda Hemmingway is a designer with a passion for creating perfectly cut, superbly fitted “made to measure” gowns for Weddings and Evenings. She is one of the only authentic couturiers in Australia because, unlike her contemporaries, she can design, cut, assemble & sew a gown from beginning to end.

Contact her at:



(02) 9331 3097

  • Helen Burrage – Kitsch Kandles

Why would I recommend her?

Helen makes the best candles at the most competitivwhat we already have in Australia. Helen also makes sure that she makes exquisite and guaranteed Kandles in all kinds of vintage collectible containers, ranging from Italian Murano Glass to Silver jewelry boxes, Ceramic, Crystal, Bohemian Glass, almost any non-combustible container you may have.
Contact her at:
helen@kitsch-kandles.com / +61 (0) 414 421 224
  • Yelena Smetannikov – Artful Pastry 
 Why would I recommend her?
Artful Pastry creates outstanding wedding and birthday cakes as well as traditional cakes from Europe and South Africa. They cater for weddings, birthdays, all celebrations, and all personal and corporate events.                                                
Contact her at:
info@artfulpastry.com.au / 02 9699 3187