February 18, 2018

Microblading Your Brows: Five Essential Rules

Microblading Your Brows:

Five Essential Rules

You know that feeling that you’re not ready to step out the door until you’ve chosen the right accessories?  Exactly the right earrings or necklace to show off your look?  Well, there’s one “accessory” so many women forget to take care of before they go out:  your eyebrows.

Just like accessories, there are so many ways to “do” brows.  It doesn’t matter if you like yours delicately sculpted, au naturel with just a hint of taming, or something in between, you know there’s a dizzying range of products out there that offer to help you get your brows absolutely perfect:  powders, liners, gels and even cosmetic tattoos. But why bother keeping track of all that – and the expense and hassle – when there’s a great new way to get a semi-permanent look you’ll love?

Microblading, also known as “eyebrow embroidery” or “feather touch” uses fine, delicate lines to create the appearance of perfectly natural brows.  It doesn’t use a machine, but relies on the artistry of a special “pen,” a unique tool that allows a trained cosmetic artist to gently apply the most precise strokes.  If you’ve seen any great brows lately on your social media stream, they were probably accomplished through microblading.

Here are five essential rules I’ve learned during the time I’ve been offering this service to my Sydney clients.

  1. Plan Ahead

Choose where you’re going to have it done based on certifications, experience, and recommendations, but also on your “gut feeling.”  When you walk through the door of the beauty provider’s studio, it should feel clean and professional.  Ask her for before and after photos to see examples of her work.  But most importantly, does she sit down with you and answer all your questions?  Is she rushing through her explanations, or does she seem patient and willing to tell you everything you need to know about the process?  At Eyebrow Experts, home of the best eyebrow shaping Sydney, we offer a free consultation and will take as long as we need to make sure you’re comfortable!

  1. Come Prepared

Time to go natural – at least for a couple of weeks.  Your technician will need to understand the natural length and shape of your brows by actually measuring them to determine the most natural look she can accomplish.  Ask us about our special at-home exfoliant that you can apply before your treatment to get your skin looking absolutely exquisite!  However, make sure to skip any other exfoliation treatments for 72 hours before your appointment – you’ll find these in skin treatments that contain Renova, Retin-A, AHA (alpha-hydroxy) and glycolic acid.  Take care of your skin!  Most exfoliants (other than the gentle product we recommend before treatment) can make your skin more sensitive during the procedure, as can blood thinning medication – so please inform your technician about any prescription medication.  If you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have diabetes, microblading isn’t recommended.

  1. Talk to me!

When you come in for your consultation, you’ll meet with your eyebrow specialist who will carefully measure your face shape and structure and determine the best shape for your brows.  It’s more complex than you might think – there are about six main measurements that we make using specialized tools before we even begin the procedure.  Because of this, your technician will determine the ideal shape of the brows, but you should feel confident about asking for the thickness you’re looking for.  You will also be given a handheld mirror to hold during the procedure so you can see and understand how the brows are being shaped, and ask questions if you’re concerned.

  1. Love Your New Brows

After your treatment, you’ll probably be eager to show off your new feather stroke eyebrows.  But please avoid using products or makeup on the area for at least 10 days after your application.  In fact, you should avoid touching the area at all.  We’ll give you detailed instructions about how to care for your new brows – including rinsing and carefully applying the special post-treatment cream we will provide.  Skip direct sunlight and the tanning bed for ten days, as well as excessive sweating and working out.  And even after things are back to normal, I strongly recommend protecting your brows from premature fading with SPF30 sunscreen to keep the look as long as possible.  Ask us about out special brow sunscreen cream product, which is delightfully gentle and moist to offer you the longest possible enjoyment of your gorgeous new look!

  1. Twice as Nice

Although some clients expect thick, gorgeous brows after the first treatment, a realistic approach means keeping in mind that it may take more than one appointment to get to your own personal ideal thickness.  We recommend waiting 30 days between applications.  Also, while the results are long-lasting, they’re not permanent, and the strokes of the hairs applied will soften and blend more with your skin as time passes.  Depending on your skin type, the durability of your results may vary, but generally, your new brows will stay lovely from eight to eighteen months; many women find they look their best with an annual touch-up.  And I’m  sure you’ll agree with all my thrilled clients who’ve tried microblading that worrying about brows once a year is a whole lot better than fussing with all those powders, pencils, and gels every single day!



How to Expand Your Eyebrow Business and Win New Clients



Are you interested in becoming an eyebrow specialist by developing your brow prowess? Do you need more clients for your eyebrow business? Are you starting out as a beauty freelancer? Then you’re in the right place. This post will show you how to get these done effectively.


I’ll break it down and make it easy for you in this post. The content will enable you to build your customer base and grow your beauty business. I have highlighted three key areas that you need to master:


  • Partner with local business colleagues
  • Transform your website
  • Develop your skills


Partner With Local Business Colleagues

This is all about networking with those in the same field as yours. Leverage the networking power of the social media and tap from ideas on how you can work with experts in your field and also spread news about your business. There are various social media platforms. Stick to the one that you feel comfortable with to find new customers.


Search for businesses that target the same customer as you. These include fashion retailers, bars, wedding dress shops and health clubs amongst others. Build trust and strong relationships with these businesses so that they can refer customers to you. You need to decide your offer before approaching these businesses. You don’t need to provide a free offer. Instead, make it persuasive.


Once you’ve decided on the offer to provide, then approach the business owners and explain how a partnership will benefit both businesses. This implies that your business must offer a high-quality service.


Transform Your Website

Once you’ve developed a strong relationship with other business partners in your field and you’ve come up with a persuasive offer to attract customers to you, the next step is to transform your website so that your prospects can be persuaded to patronize your service.


Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. Most customers access the internet through mobile devices. Thus, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re losing lots of customers. Ensure the site is attractive and easy to navigate. Also, ensure that your eyebrow business can be found by including a Google map. You must also include an Offers Page.


The last key area, which is often overlooked is;




Develop Your Skills

Your skill is what will set you apart from the competition. Your skill enables you to WOW your customers since it determines the outcome of your service. This explains why you need to develop your skill. You can achieve this by getting an eyebrow perfection home course package. Such courses are important because they will teach you how to carry out the perfect eyebrow tattooing and create perfect brows thereby building your reputation as an eyebrow pro.


I have put together a comprehensive eyebrow shaping course that will enable you to learn:

  • Eyebrow corrections
  • Eyebrow shaping and measuring tips
  • Creating the ideal arch
  • Treatment precautions
  • Tinting tips
  • And much more



The course will help you learn the tricks of arch art within 30 minutes. It will also guide you through my unique, insider knowledge and precise measuring methods. If you’re interested in enhancing your skills as an eyebrow expert, this course is the right investment that you need to get. Click here for more details on the home course training package.


As you can see, expanding your eyebrow business and winning new customers is a simple stuff- not rocket science. Try the tips stated above and turn your new client into a lifetime client.


Why Allegro Motion Technology?

Not long ago, an eyebrow specialist in Sydney would recommend using tweezer and wax to remove hair. Eventually, that progressed to electrolysis and bleaching, which then turned into countless kinds waxes, creams, and cover-ups. Despite the advancement of technology, these treatment options still exist in the beauty industry.

As a specialist who offers both eyebrow shaping in Sydney and Brazilian waxing in Sydney, I know what works and what doesn’t. Laser and IPL is hands down the best treatment option I have ever used on my clients.



There are several reasons why I prefer IPL. One reason is it works.

IPL was first invented for medical procedures that treated skin conditions. In the 1990s, scientists proved that IPL could be used as an effective treatment for hair removal, as a natural side effect of the procedure was permanent hair loss for patients. The intense pulsed light method was eventually fine-tuned for hair removal and marketed for that purpose. After the first machine was officially developed specifically for hair removal in 1996, it’s use has expanded dramatically. Today it is the third most common cosmetic treatment available.

Although IPL is similar to laser hair removal, the difference is in the light source. Instead of lasers, IPL uses light to zap hair away for good. It also uses a much boarder spectrum of light waves than lasers and filters these to better pinpoint its exact focus.

IPL works by targeting hair pigments, and heats up the hair follicle, thereby damaging the cells that ultimately cause your hair to come back. The effectiveness of the treatment option is dependent on the color of the skin and hair, however.



For my salon, I like to offer my clients a German motion technology system called the Allegro Motion System, which is the highest quality machine on the market but available at a more affordable price point. It was developed by doctors and is the most advanced IPL machine on the market. I also prefer it because it is one of the safest options while remaining the least painful treatment for hair removal possible. Fast and effective, I always recommend this option to my clients.

As an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, I base all of my treatment options off my experience. You can believe me when I say that IPL works!

I’m looking forward to working with you!


Waxing Queen – The Sequel



Have you read my book Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen?  If you haven’t, you absolutely must.  It’s not just about Brazilians!  It’s a fun and factual romp through my life as a beauty professional and confidante to hundreds of women.

Whenever women visit me in my Sydney studio, they bring their stories of insecurity, love and occasionally triumph.  Whatever their stories, I love hearing and sharing them all – in a way that’s completely confidential, of course!

I wrote that book when I was pregnant and I just felt like it was the ultimate way to share everything I love about my work as a beauty professional.  As the title says, waxing is part of it, but I enjoy every aspect, from eyebrow shaping to hair removal and cosmetic tattooing.

But the beauty business changes so quickly that I have SOoooo much more to share with you.  I’m 100% positive there’s another book inside me just DYING to get out.

And that’s where you come in!  I need to hear from you, my friends, about what topics you’d want to see included in the next book.

What do you want to read about?  My practice includes absolutely everything, and I still have a million fun stories to tell along with a million insights that can help other women.

Reviewers all over the world have raved about Confessions.  Help kickstart the excitement that the next book is sure to bring!



Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen


You’ve never heard stories like these before!  Unless, that is, you’ve heard them from me, Svetlana Burckhardt, Sydney’s renowned Brazilian Waxing Queen.

While the 1990s’ Sex and the City popularized the “Brazilian look,” the discomfort of the procedure led to a decline around the globe… until I led the movement to bring it back with my very own unique “Seven-Minute Brazilian” technique.  By making the procedure simpler and quicker, I was able to give my clients the best possible experience – and keep them coming back again and again.

Now, in my book, Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen, I dish out stories from below the belt.  From the new mom who fell asleep on the table to her special touch with nervous first-timers and others who need just a little special TLC, I am literally sharing secrets – including diet, hair-care and beauty tips – from over 14 years in the beauty business operating my own successful salon.


I wrote my book because I had accumulated lots of stories from my experience working with people.

Clients come looking for more than just tips for keeping their hair under control – from styling eyebrows to perfection to almost any other area of the body.  They also confide about all aspects of their lives.  That’s why I published the book, to let others know that they are not alone.

I hoped to help women.  I work with women all the time, so I know we all share many of the same problems, their concerns, and worries.  We’re just at different points in our lives.

So who chooses the Brazilian look these days?  You’d be surprised.  Even the most reserved and professional women love to remove their hair ‘down there.  Unless you’ve taken a peek around the ladies’ locker room, you’d never guess.

I am originally from Uzbekistan, a Muslim country in the former Soviet Union, I grew up admiring the beautiful, exotic look and careful grooming of the Muslim women around me.  Today, I bring that exoticism and admiration to Australia, where I am a proud migrant who was forced to master English before I could open my own business.

I simply adore the freedom Australia provides women, and whether as a beauty professional, author, blogger or professional speaker, I want and wish to help women get the most out of the rights and freedoms they enjoy here. I want to give women the chance to get what they want out of life.

As an independent business owner who has built up my practice and reputation from rock bottom and difficult personal circumstances, I am glad to finally be giving back to the community through my books and speaking engagements.

It’s amazing to be able to share something!






Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free?


professional makeup

Have you heard the news?  Australia is going cruelty-free!  After a 2-year campaign by animal rights advocates, Australia’s raising itself to EU standards, banning animal testing here and the import of cruelty cosmetics from abroad.

As a beauty professional and a vegetarian who strongly believes in living a cruelty-free life, I feel like this new law has given my soul a gift.  It’s like a weight off my shoulders.  Shouldn’t we avoid harming any life, any other beings?  To me, it’s just karma:  it always comes back at you somehow.

Everything really comes down to energy.  Energy is a vibration, and you choose what kind of energy you put into the world.  What you put in – well, that’s what you get back from the world, too.


But here’s the thing.  Lots of women here in Australia aren’t sure whether their cosmetics are cruelty-free or not.  Or they want to go cruelty-free but don’t want to risk switching brands if they have a beauty regimen and a product line that’s already working for them.  Who wants to mess with all of that?

But I have one simple suggestion that will SAVE YOU TIME on your daily beauty routine AND guarantee you never have to risk using cruelty cosmetics.  The answer:  cosmetic tattooing.  It’s subtle, and a more gentle procedure than you might think.  And the best part is: nobody will ever guess that it’s actually a tattoo.



If you’ve invested in good brands of cosmetics – I’m not talking about the cheap stuff teenagers get away with – then you’re probably paying quite a bit for those products.  And by the way, all the major brands are still testing on animals, so be careful what you’re buying.

But regardless of which brand you prefer, cosmetic tattooing is going to save you money in the long run, and get you the look you love in a simpler, more time-efficient way.  Wake up each day looking exactly the way you want to look!  You’ll never worry about makeup running or smudging again, and you’ll absolutely never have to stay awake worrying about what was done to animals to get it into the shops.



Believe me, I know there are practitioners out there who give cosmetic tattooing a bad name.  They go for the most dramatic possible look.  But there’s a reason I’ve built my business and reputation as one of Sydney’s top beauty professionals – and why my clients keep coming back, and letting their friends know about my services – which range from cosmetic tattooing to eyebrow sculpting to my famous Seven-Minute Brazilian.

I’m happy to consult by phone, email or Skype.  Let me know your concerns, and tell me what you want to achieve!  I’ll work WITH you – your opinion is the only one that matters – to create a subtle look that turns heads; I promise to provide the most  natural and lovely possible version of yourself – a look you’ll be thrilled to wake up to every single morning.

The Power of Brows


As an eyebrow specialist and a professional in the beauty industry, I’ve realized that every woman loves to look good. However, you don’t need to put on a heavy makeup to achieve this. It’s nice to have good eyebrows, a nice eyeliner as well as a nice tattoo color on your lips. All these will go a long way in giving you that great look that you crave for.


Well-shaped as well as groomed eyebrows, help to frame a woman’s face and provide her with a youthful appearance. The purpose of this piece is to reach out to moms and moms-to-be and enlighten them to understand the power that lies in well-groomed eyebrows.


Well-shaped eyebrows coupled with the right color eyebrow tint takes years off the face of ladies. A particular brow will fit a specific face. This is because no two brows are similar and we don’t have one template to fit everyone. I always urge my clients to ensure that they keep a shapely brow and not tamper with the fullness. The most important thing when it comes to brow is finding the right balance. Nicely-shaped eyebrows will make you feel good about yourself each time you stare in the mirror.


As we grow older, we tend to lose color in our brows and eyelashes. I’ll advise those in this category to tint their brows and lashes so that they give the face definition and dimension and to also brighten up the entire face. Also, as we age, hormonal hairs start growing in the brows. These are usually long and have a coarse texture. They are usually white or gray in color. Do not pull too many of these hairs out on your own to prevent creating ‘holes’ in your brow. All you need is a professional attention and that’s where eyebrow specialists like me come in. The most suitable solution for this is lightening the eyebrow.


Lots of people do ask if they should follow trends when it comes to shaping eyebrows. The fact is, trends do come and go with brows. The most important thing is to go with whatever suits you. The first step is to find an eyebrow specialist that will guide you on the right path. For instance, I know my client’s eyebrows very well and it’ll be easy for me to know when a hair is missing. The truth is, once you find a brow expert, you will never leave her.


Maintenance of Brows

Maintenance of eyebrows at home should be kept to the barest minimum. Do not wax yourself at home, although it’s okay to pluck the hairs found below your brow line. An eyebrow specialist will provide you with the best eyebrow shaping and eyebrow tattooing that suit your face. You can even enroll for an eyebrow shaping course to learn how it’s done.


You can also get a good brow pencil or powder so that your color can be kept fuller as well as polished for longer. Powders will help you create fullness while pencils will fill gaps and create lines. You can then slick a good brow gel over the top to keep the brow hairs in place and provide you with a great look.


I hope you found this piece useful. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. Keep in touch with the latest brow and beauty tips and advice by subscribing to my newsletter at http://www.eyebrowexperts.com/

LVL Lash Lift

eye promo

Know what I adore?  Eyelashes!  Sure, I know I’m famous around Sydney as an eyebrow expert, and while I truly believe that brows are a great way to frame your face, there’s nothing I love more than perfectly curled eyelashes.

If you asked me which I cared more about, makeup or eyelashes, I’d have to say – well, pass me those eyelash curlers!  More than a cup of coffee, having my eyelash curlers in hand makes me feel wide awake and alert every single morning.

This is what I tell all my clients, too.  It’s hard to believe:  eyelashes are such little itty bitty hairs, aren’t they?

How is it possible that just taking a few minutes to primp and curl them is the fastest way to dramatically enhance every single aspect of how you look?  But it does.  With the right lashes, your whole face will look brighter and more dramatic – in the very best kind of way.

That’s why I do this for my clients!  I adore seeing the transformation, and I feel like this is one of the greatest gifts I can give them towards realizing their own beauty.  When I show them how they look in the mirror afterwards, they just can’t believe it.

But you know what?

That was BEFORE I found out about the greatest new technology in lash treatment – a natural way to boost eyelash length and volume and lift – and keep looking at the almost miraculous results in the mirror for six to eight weeks.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out about this new treatment, which coincidentally is called LVL, for Length, Volume and Lift.


If you’ve ever tried eyelash perms, you probably weren’t thrilled.  With rollers, like in a traditional perm, eyelashes end up too curly and you don’t gain length, which is what I needed most myself.  It was absolutely awful!

But forget any nightmare experiences you’ve had in the past!

LVL works totally differently from any lash treatment you’ve ever tried.  It actually straightens your eyelashes right down to the root, so you’ll automatically get more length as the hair relaxes.  Once the hair is relaxed, we apply a long-lasting tint to your lashes.  It’s a little like mascara, except it stays on for weeks.

The best part is, there’s no maintenance.  Once it’s done, you don’t have to see us again for up to two months. (I’m a beauty professional, but I’m also a busy business owner, and even I don’t love the idea of touch-ups every few days!)

Who is LVL best for?

Well, that’s the best part!  Whether your eyelashes are long or short, straight or naturally curly, you’ll enjoy thick, healthy lashes for weeks.  If your lashes are too straight to use curlers, if you have hooded eyelids or older skin, or hey, if you’re just planning on dashing off for your summer holidays and don’t want the bother of reapplying mascara every time you dip in the pool or the surf – LVL is a GREAT option for YOU!

Stepping out of bed each morning with thick, dark lashes already perfectly curled into place?  That could be your reality with LVL!  No fussing with mascara, and no bothersome touchups.  And you’ve got to see some of the Before and After pictures my clients have posed for as they embark on their new life of stress-free lash care.  You won’t believe how dramatic the difference can be.

Spend 45 to 60 minutes for long-lasting results and of course, the long, rich, full lashes you’ve always dreamed of.


Galvanic AgeLOC Spa System

Do you ever wish you could iron away your wrinkles and other unattractive signs of ageing?  Well, now you can!  Walk away after only one treatment with skin that feels years healthier and results that last and LAST!




Age and stress takes their toll.  Even if you can’t see it happening, smoking, tanning and other environmental causes can accelerate the causes of aging and increase the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, undereye bags, and ugly shadows.

Let YOUR inner beauty shine through with Galvanic AgeLOC!

We’re thrilled to present one of the most exciting beauty treatments of the twenty-first century, now available in Australia through EyebrowExperts, among the top beauty practices in Sydney and creators of our innovative eyebrow shaping course.

Galvanic AgeLOC is a gentle, non-invasive two-stage system.  Both stages have two goals:  driving out toxins and driving in nutritious, refreshing ingredients that will help you look great and feel years younger.  And it’s not just for your face – it works on almost any area of the face, neck, body or scalp!


First, we hydrate and infuse your complexion with the pre-treatment gel, a special blend of essential extracts of marigold, sea kelp, vanilla and more.  It binds to toxins in your skin, drawing harmful elements out to leaving the area more toned and healthier.

Then, we begin the spa treatment cycle, passing the Galvanic AgeLOC instrument gently over your skin.  The instrument is gentle but powerful.  You’ll barely notice as its low-level electrical current pushes nutrients from the treatment gel deeper into your skin, while using its positive charge to pull out negatively-charged impurities.

Is Galvanic AgeLOC only for wrinkled or damaged skin?

No!  Because treatment with the Galvanic AgeLOC system draws out toxins and infuses your skin with beneficial nutrients, it can actually COUNTERACT the subtle effects of aging even before you notice them!

Is Galvanic AgeLOC treatment painful?

Quite the opposite!  Most people report that treatment with the Galvanic AgeLOC spa instrument is like a gentle massage.  All you’ll notice is the gentle beeping that lets us know it’s working.  Forget “no pain, no gain!”  There is absolutely no downside to this treatment.  Your skin will thank you!

How does the Galvanic AgeLOC system achieve such great results?

The Galvanic AgeLOC instrument is self-adjusting, meaning it senses the thickness of your skin and applies exactly the current needed for that area – more or less according to your skin’s needs.  Because it uses a very low level of current, it is entirely safe and comfortable for almost anyone to use.

When will I notice it working?

Most people who try the Galvanic AgeLOC spa treatment report that their skin looks and feels great immediately.  However, results will become more visible as you continue treatment through several sessions in the same region.  Ask about our 3-treatment special!  Focused on one area, this lets you follow through and experience even greater long-term results.


Gay or straight – your looks can’t wait!



Hey, guys:  big hair is out – at least below the waist!  The stats are in:  about 1/3 of men are grooming “down there,” removing hair in the pubic area.  But the bad news is that most of them are plucking, shaving and waxing at home by themselves – techniques that are both uncomfortable and ineffective, leading to fast regrowth, stubble, itching and ingrown hairs.  Ouch!

According to the U.K. survey, men are also removing hair in other areas of the body, like nose and ears, eyebrows, chest and back.  The natural look just doesn’t have the street cred it once did – girls and guys want partners who put in the time and care about their looks.

It used to be for gay guys only, but today, the sleek, streamlined look on a man is earning oohs and aahs from straight women and gay partners alike.  And every guy we’ve talked to adores the feeling of being touched skin-to-skin.  Everyone deserves to love and be loved!  You deserve the intimacy of getting close to another person, without all that hair getting in the way.

So let’s see… you want to be gorgeous all over, right?  Utterly touchable and irresistible?  So how can you get the look without the agony?  How can you achieve long-lasting, smoothly strokable results without spending a fortune?

Men, it’s time to learn from the ladies!  Ask your girlfriends; they know.  When it comes to hair removal, you’ve got to turn to a pro.  It’s a new generation, and this ain’t your grandpa’s straight razor!




Worried that professional waxing and laser hair removal will cost you more?  In the long run, you’ll save money, effort and a ton of time.  And you’ll end up with a manly look that’s groomed WITHOUT the hassle.

Stand up and demand the best waxing and eyebrow shaping Sydney has to offer!  Eyebrow tattooing is another simple option for men looking for a long-term low-maintenance solution.  And we are absolutely the most skilled and experienced when it comes to waxing and the latest IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, effective even on light hair – for any area of your body!


The laser hair removal for men 2



This trend towards higher standards in male body-hair grooming comes at a time when the bearded look is being revived all over the world.

Should a man with a beard still keep himself trimmed below the neck?  Absolutely!  There’s no contradiction at all in a guy who’s a bear up top going bare – or tastefully shaped – down there.

Gay or straight, you want a look that shares what you feel and who you are deep inside.  Looking terrific – trimmed and sleek – is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment – and keeping your partner snuggling in close with satisfaction at the same time!